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Safety and Efficacy of a Fixed Combination Halobetasol and Tazarotene Lotion in the Treatment of Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis: A Pooled Analysis of Two Phase 3 Studies

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Sugarman JL, Weiss J, Tanghetti EA, Bagel J, Yamauchi PS, Stein Gold L, Lin T, Martin G, Pillai R, Israel R. J Drugs Dermatol. 2018 Aug 1;17(8):855-861.


BACKGROUND: Topical corticosteroids (TCS) are the mainstay of psoriasis treatment. Safety concerns may limit use. Combination with tazarotene may optimize efficacy and minimize safety and tolerability concerns.

OBJECTIVE: Investigate safety and efficacy of halobetasol propionate 0.01%/tazarotene 0.045% (HP/TAZ) lotion in moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis.

METHODS: Two multicenter, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled phase 3 studies (N=418). Subjects randomized (2:1) to HP/TAZ lotion or vehicle once-daily for 8 weeks, 4-week follow-up. Primary efficacy assessment: treatment success (at least a 2-grade improvement from baseline in IGA score and 'clear' or 'almost clear'). Safety and treatment emergent AEs evaluated throughout.

RESULTS: HP/TAZ lotion demonstrated statistically significant superiority over vehicle as early as week 2 (P equals 0.002). By week 8, 40.6% of subjects were treatment successes compared with 9.9% on vehicle (P less than 0.001). A third of subjects remained treatment successes post-treatment. HP/TAZ lotion was also superior in reducing psoriasis signs and symptoms, and Body Surface Area (BSA) involvement. Most frequently reported treatment related AEs were contact dermatitis (6.3%), application site pain (2.6%), and pruritus (2.2%).

LIMITATIONS: No data were collected beyond the 4-week follow-up.

CONCLUSIONS: HP/TAZ lotion provides synergistic efficacy that is both rapid and sustained, with good tolerability and safety over 8 weeks use.